D4 Reflection


Update 0.9.4

New portion of side-quests, new Aspects and a lot of different fixes have been added to the game.

Read more2024-05-21 08:00

Update 0.9.3

New side-quests, unique items and more are now available for Sanctuary Wanderers!

Read more2024-05-12 19:00

Seasonal mode is live!

Time has come! Seasonal mode is live, dive in history of Season 1 & 2. Protect Sanctuary from the evil and prove your strength!

Read more2024-05-01 19:00

Announcement: Seasonal mode

We are in a hurry to announce the D4R seasonal mode and tell you what we are preparing for you in early May!

Read more2024-04-27 23:00

Update 0.9.1 is live!

Update 0.9.1 has been installed. Legion events, significant amount of bugfixes and Reflection Plus improvements are already in game!

Read more2024-04-22 19:00