D4 Reflection


Mother's Blessing until July 25th!

Update 1.0.2 has been installed. All game worlds have increased drop and experience rates +35% until 25th of July!

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Update 1.0 is live!

Update 1.0 is the biggest update in the history of D4R! A huge number of fixes in all aspects of the game, optimisation of game servers and introduction of new functionality and mechanics of the game. Completely redone such things as elixirs, equipment, resources and so on.

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Update 1.0: Preload and release date

There is not much time left until the D4 Reflection project release. While our team is working hard and preparing the game servers for the release, we want to share what to expect from the release update.

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Announcement: D4R anniversary and release update 1.0

It's been a year since D4R went into Open Beta, and that means only one thing - it's the anniversary of the D4 Reflection server!

Thank you so much for being with us, and in honour of the celebration, we have prepared a few gifts and announcements for you!

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Update 0.9.4

New portion of side-quests, new Aspects and a lot of different fixes have been added to the game.

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